mercredi 1 juin 2011

L'aventure c'est le trésor que l'on découvre à chaque matin

Various snaps from my daily strolls around Bristol.

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kitchu a dit…

this set of photos is really fantastic.

i wanted to thank you so much for your comments on my site and for the links. that final photo i posted needed no words and spoke for itself, and like you, i stood before it speechless. until that moment, i had no idea how costly this war had been and how many lives it had taken. that was part of why "mission accomplished" bothered me so much. and i'm sure that is what this group "veterans for peace" were trying to convey.

i look forward to having some time to come back to your site and read :)

Siobhan a dit…

Really beautiufl photos. Love your blog so much! :)

:: t h o m :: a dit…

Thanks Siobhan and Kitchu, I'm super glad you like the photos :)