jeudi 29 septembre 2011

Sophie - Reviens vite et oublie

Of the four international renditions of The Ronettes' "Be my baby" that I've accumulated over the years, this is probably my favourite. Let me know whether you want to hear the German and Spanish versions at some point too!

3 commentaires:

Lydia a dit…

My gentleman and I love listening to various versions of a song back to back and arguing over the winning version! "Fever" is a good track to fight it out over, and "Summertime".

Oh and it goes without saying that I would love to hear the other versions!

:: t h o m :: a dit…

What are your favourites then for "Summertime" and "Fever"? Both tough calls! There ought to be some kind of impartial mediation service for these kind of disputes. For "Fever", have you heard Louis Prima's version? Everything about it screams super-slick, I can just imagine sipping gimlets in a plush cocktail lounge everytime I hear it. In fact, I think I have a mediocre French version of Fever somewhere I'll have to dig it out.

Lydia a dit…

Do dig it up. I will have to try to listen to Louis prima, as I have not heard that version.
I like Nancy Sit's Fever, He likes Dean carter and we both agree on Little Willie John. As for Summertime, I think we have finally agreed on Ricky Nelson.